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World Water Day 2020: Water and climate change

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Since 1993, World Water Day has been celebrated every year on 22 March. World Water Day 2020 focuses on water and climate change, and on the close link between the two issues. The campaign shows that, depending on our use of water, we can reduce floods and droughts, combat the scarcity of that resource and its pollution, and at the same time help combat climate change itself.

This campaign contains three key messages:

We can’t afford to wait. Water should be a priority in climate action plans.

Water, a resource against climate change. Sustainable, affordable and adaptable solutions in water and sanitation.

We can all be an active part. In our daily lives, various surprisingly simple actions allow us to fight climate change.

It is incredible how many water-related actions anyone can implement anywhere to fight climate change. Some changes of habits that we can all put into practice today:

Take five-minute showers

More plant-based meals

Do not throw away food in good condition

Turning off electronic devices

Buy sustainably.

The aspiration to reach even the most vulnerable is becoming increasingly important, as environmental degradation, climate change, population growth and rapid urbanization, among other factors, intensify and pose considerable challenges for water safety.

However, water and sanitation can contribute significantly to the achievement of the comprehensive set of 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development objectives, ranging from food and energy security to economic development to sustainability Environmental.

Climate change largely serves to give a necessary impetus to the implementation of obvious reforms in the water sector.

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