Approved laboratory and Microbiology and R&D laboratory.

Discharge Audits

Each project must be guaranteed to start from a solid calculation basis. In Aguambiente we check the values given by the customer and we analyse the future needs and the flexibility of the customer’s manufacturing processes.

In cases where it is deemed necessary, Aguambiente carries out analytical sampling campaigns that can last from 3 days to 2 weeks with automatic sampling equipment.

Generally, analyses of different parameters are analysed, among the main ones we highlight: COD, soluble COD, BOD5, MSS, Oils and fats pH, Conductivity, NKT, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus etc.

This is done with the aim of:

  • Securing test results.
  • National and international recognition of results.
  • It allows the identification of laboratories with high quality standards.
  • It endorses the results with clients and administrations.
  • Continuous evaluation of the laboratory.
  • Quality assurance of results, tests and calibrations.
  • Recognition of the technical competence of staff.
  • Assurance of validity and adequacy of tests, traceability of measurements and calibrations to a national standard.