Waste management and minimisation

The different treatments of the effluent produce sludge that requires a subsequent sludge thickening and dewatering process.

Waste management and minimisation

At Aguambiente we carry out this operation using filter presses due to their high degree of separation, with very good solids capture.

This process is carried out with the aim of reducing the amount of sludge generated at the plant, as the subsequent management of this sludge is a cost that must be assumed by the client.

Disposing of this sludge, processing it or depositing it somewhere else has proved to be a problem for many of our customers. For this reason, Aguambiente offers a complete waste management service.

For the use or disposal of this sludge there are different options allowed:

This is done with the aim of:

  • Use for gardening and horticultural land.

– Incineration with energy recovery.

– Landfill.