Automation and control of the sewage treatment plant

Automation and control is essential for the correct operation of the processes in a wastewater treatment plant.

20 years ago you needed an operator constantly opening the pumps manually. Then came the semi-automation and we moved on to having an operator pushing buttons. Today we can have a fully automated plant, which we can control remotely.

Automation and control of the sewage treatment plant

We understand automation in a pragmatic and simple way. Simple is effective, it is the result of much study. We serve our customers in the design and development of control systems as well as in the improvement and optimisation of existing systems. The maintenance processes used are easier and shorter.

  • Choice and appropriate location of sensors according to the process.
  • Use of monitoring tools.
  • Systems tuning.
  • Specific integration projects.

WWTP automation services

  • Process automation with PLC-based control.
  • Simple and intuitive operation via HMI Touch or runtime on PC.
  • Computer Supervision Systems with SCADA software (runtime).
  • Integration of equipment and systems with quality standards.

– Communication with external equipment using standard protocols.

– Monitoring and control via remote connection.

– Emergency technical support and advice.

– Sending alarms via Telegram and/or emails.