Rental and pilots

Rental and pilots

Do you have a need for water treatment in your industry? Do you doubt the output parameters you would get if you purify your industrial water? Are you going to need a scrubber for a limited time?

In Aguambiente we offer you the possibility of RENTING a pilot plant for a determined period of time, so that you can check the results.

Some of these pilots work on large scales and are rented to solve specific problems while definitive solutions are being reached.

Pilot sewage treatment plants and sewage treatment trials

Pilot plants make it possible to investigate novel solutions.

Extrapolation of the most complex plant design parameters is achieved, supported by a specialised industrial wastewater laboratory. Biokinetic parameters, load constants, elimination coefficients, consumption ratios and operating costs are obtained and can be extrapolated to full scale.

Pilot plants are available for:

  • Pre-treatment.
  • Physico-chemical treatments by Dissolved Air Flotation.
  • Biological treatments:

– Submerged biological filters.

– Different aerobic and anaerobic biological processes.

– Tertiary refining treatments (filtration, tangential filtration, MBR).

  • Sludge dewatering.