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Aguambiente completes the execution of the filtering and sludge line for hydrocarbon waters plant in Malta.

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Aguambiente has completed the installation of a water and sludge treatment system in Malta for a hydrocarbon water plant from ships.

The project has been carried out with pre-assembled equipment in a container, so that it is easier to install and assemble it on site. This reduces the execution of civil works.

The installation has been arranged in three containers and consists of:

A first container for the filtering line includes:

– Sand filter for 10 m3 / h with water and air washing with blower.

– 2 ud active carbon filters of 2,400 liters capacity for a flow of 5-10 m3 / h. These may work in series or in parallel.

Another sludge dewatering line formed by two containers that include:

– Muddy tank with agitation 6,000-liters.

– Dosage of chemicals: Coagulant and emulsified flocculant.

– Automatic Polyelectrolite Preparation Plant.

– Pumping of sludge.

– Draco® FPA 80/20 Automatic Filter Press.

– Filtered water pumping tank 1,000 liters.


The containers that have been installed are equipped with:

– Connection between equipment

– Conditioning of walls and floors, sandwich panel

– Interior lighting and power take-off.

– Helical fan with ventilation grid.

– Air Conditioner.

– Security elements, fire extinguisher, first aid kit.

– Anti-slip floor made of silica sand with GRP.

– Internal drains.

– Access pedestrian door.

The project also includes a Defender® FSH5 hydrocarbon separator, where the separation process is carried out in two phases: water phase and oil phase. The separation process is based on the effect of coalescence, increased by lamellar and stable flow conditions, by passing the effluent through the package of lamella coalescing pack.

aGb-adminAguambiente completes the execution of the filtering and sludge line for hydrocarbon waters plant in Malta.