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World Water Day 2018: Nature-based solutions for water

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Every year, we celebrate the World Water Day on 22nd of March to focus on the importance of water as a fundamental component in sustainable development

“The answer is in nature” is the theme chosen for this year. How nature can help us overcome the rising challenges of XXI century. In previous years, themes were related to waste water (2017), employment (2016), sustainable development (2015) or energy (2014). However, in this edition it needs to raise awareness in order to take care of the ecosystems and the nature and how it can create synergies to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals of 2030.

This way, there are many aspects of sustainable development which can be improved by the union of nature and water: from ensuring food security and reducing disaster risk to building sustainable urban settlements and boosting decent work. Nevertheless, there is still a lot to do. In 21st century, more than 2 billion people lack access to safe drinking water and more than the double of that number lack access to safe sanitation

In addition, the demand for potable water is expected to increase more than 30% in 2050. Accelerated consumption patterns, environmental degradation and climate change reveal the need of a mentality change that involves all figures in the society.

The demographic growth that the planet is suffering is also reflected in world water demand’s increase. Both industrial and domestic demand have experienced an increase linked mainly to the growth of emerging countries. And this trend will continue raising at the same rate of their population growth and economic development.

At the same time, climate change is exacerbating environmental conditions in different climates. Drier regions will become more and more arid and wet regions also will turn into more wet places.

Nowadays, 1800 million people live in areas affected by desertification and it is expected that this phenomen will cause more than 135 millions of migrations. Current trend of inundations will continue growing too. Around 1200 million people who live in risk flood areas will become more than 1800 millions in next 30 years.

Fortunately, the attention given to Nature-based solutions has increased for last years. The introduction on these natural solutions in the field of legislation -specially in water resources-, food safety, agriculture, biodiversity, natural disaster risk reduction… has collaborated to be recognized from many sector. Goals the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development can lead the way to revers the current trend.

You can download here the United Nations World Water Development Report 2018.

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