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Interview with Eduardo Terceño, Aguambiente Technical Engineer

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The interview has been published in EnviroPres, quarterly environmental issue of Interempresas

The interview gives some keys to understand the rise of preassembled solutions in water treatment sector: terms, space and money advantages; the reasons why enterprises hire these solutions and the way how Aguambiente and their costumers build a partnertship.

If you want to download the complete interview, click here. (Only Spanish).

If you prefer to read the complete issue, click here.

aGb-adminInterview with Eduardo Terceño, Aguambiente Technical Engineer

Aguambiente has given a training course for employees of a WWTP

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Training courses about the work of the treatment plant is one of the services that Aguambiente offers to customers

Aguambiente, industrial and urban water treatment specialists, has given a training course for employees of a wastewater treatment plant that it has installed in Soria. Aguambiente Start-up Responsible group have taught the course.

During the journey, the workers have learned to understand process maps of WWTP, to manage equipment, which is the role of each machine, and how is it represented in SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition), a software that allows control and supervise the management of the plant by telematic interchange of data.

aGb-adminAguambiente has given a training course for employees of a WWTP