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Aguambiente, nominated to “Best Digital Transformation in an Industry Award”

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Aguambiente, the company from Valladolid specialist in industrial and urban waste water treatment, has been recognized in the first edition of the Premios Ingenieros VA with the nomination to the Best Digital Transformation in Industry (Industry .4.0) for his adequacy to the digital environment and his aptitude to adapt the technology to the needs of the clients in water treatment.

With more than twenty-five years of experience in industrial and urban waste water treatment, Aguambiente has could adapt to the new technologies and to the digital current environment to offer to each client personalized solutions that optimize all kinds of resources – time, energy, space, money, residues, workforce …-

One of the key points in this adjustment has been the automation and data management. Aguambiente has developed a system of distributed intelligence in which each machine uses his own electrical panel which, simultaneously, communicates with the rest of equipments and the central panel. This supposes that every machine could manage itself individually and allows to adapt the use of each WWTP to the concrete process.

SCADA software (System of control and acquisition of data) is the cornerstone of this automation. It is a computer with a software which registers information in a database to send them to the head offices and to manage the plant distantly. In this way, the technical personnel can take the pertinent decisions for the concrete problem without moving up to the WWTP, depending on the graphs, the trends and the information on the general behavior of every equipment that SCADA provides.

The energy efficiency is another key point in Aguambiente’s service customization. The equipments work according to parameters that have been introduced before. That way each machine is optimized in order to work with the neccesary power in the precise moment. In addition, if some parameters change or  the needs of purification are modified, the technical personnel can  parametrize the equipments from the offices and adapt his functioning to the new needs.

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aGb-adminAguambiente, nominated to “Best Digital Transformation in an Industry Award”