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Aguambiente is going to be in Expoliva 2017

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We are holding a speech in Expoliva Symposium about problems and solutions in oil presses wastewater treatment

The enterprise from Valladolid is going to present its speech in Expoliva 2017 with the tittle What is purify? To obey the law. It is going to explain some of the most common problems that appears in oil presses wastewater purification and also it is going to show possible solutions that have already been installed successfully in oil industries. 

Aguambiente´s presentation is going to take place on Wednesday, the 10th of May, in Sala Guadiel from 5:00 p.m. within the context of XVIII Scientific-Technical Symposium with the tittle of Applied technology. If you want to attend, please, fill in this form and mark the box “Applied technology” related to the 10th of May. It is free.

Expoliva 2017, XVIII International Fair of the Olive Oil and Allied Industries, takes place in Jaén from 10th to 13th of May and it has a lot of activities related to olive oil. In addition to the Symposium, there is also a commercial exhibition area where outstanding companies in this sector are going to be represented. It also celebrates the VI Salón Expoliva Virgen Extra where the best olive oils of the last campaign are shown.

aGb-adminAguambiente is going to be in Expoliva 2017