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Work calendar of Easter 2015 in Aguambiente

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Aguambiente inform that as a part of the celebration of Easter week in Spain, the company will close from Wednesday 1st to Sunday 5th April, both inclusive.

Aguambiente team will attend to normally again in our regular schedule on Monday, 6th April.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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aGb-adminWork calendar of Easter 2015 in Aguambiente

World Water Day 2015

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World Water Day is marked on 22 March every year by the United Nations. This year the theme chosen is Water and Sustainable Development

Aguambiente, as a company committed to the environment, celebrates this day, inviting to the students of the Environmental Health Course of the Gregorio Fernández High School of Valladolid (Spain) to a teacher training workshop. The target is to teach basic knowledges for the responsible water use.

During this visit they will enjoy of different tests made by our cualified personal. This tests will show a real vision of water resource situation. All of it to foment in students the interest in water treatement. Principally, they will see pretreatment tests, dissolved air flotation and sludge thickener with a pilot filter press.

Behind this educational activity, students will take a guided tour of Aguambiente facilities.

Aguambiente is specialised in industrial and urban wastewater treatment. Aguambiente designs and makes the installation of wastewater treatment plants, WWTP and IWWTP in order to give a correct treatment to the wastewater.

aGb-adminWorld Water Day 2015

Aguambiente participates in the XXIV Days of the Industrial Engineering (Valladolid)

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Aguambiente, société spécialisée dans le traitement des eaux usées industrielles et municipales, célèbre le vingt-cinquième anniversaire avec participant aux différents événements.

Lundi prochain 16 mars, la société Aguambiente, participera à la vingt-quatrième édition de la Conférence sur Ingénieurs Industriels organisé par l’École de génie industriel à l’Université de Valladolid. Les conférences visent à renforcer la coopération entre l’école et le monde de l’entreprise.

Le Directeur général de Aguambiente, Santiago Salcedo, donnera une conférence de l’innovation, la conception et le développement du produit, qui offre aux étudiants une formation supplémentaire et contact avec l’expérience professionnelle.

La conférence aura lieu dans le siège Francisco Mendizábal de l’université, le lundi 16 mars à 19:00.

aGb-adminAguambiente participates in the XXIV Days of the Industrial Engineering (Valladolid)