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Reform of pis slaughterhouse WWTP of 500 m3/day

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Aguambiente starts the assembly and set up of the decanter and biological tank W-Tank® in a pig slaughterhouse WWTP placed in Portugal.

Biological Tank W-Tank® installed is model N36D24H5 is composed of 36 modular plates made of PRVF, diameter of 23,7 m, and 5 m high for 2.206 m3 volumen of water. Decanter W-Tank will be the model N17D11H2. It has 17 modular plates, made of PRFV, a diameter of 11 m and 2 m high.

The WWTP includes the next wastewater treatment equipment: A pretreatment line which consists in a rotary screen model TR 63/90 and 0,03 in mesh size; equalization, phyisco-chemical treatment with dissolved air flotation unit and biological treatment.

We consider the next targets in the development of the characteristics of this water purification plant : to reduce energy consumption, low WWTP maintenance cost, high level of performance and use of waste disposed.

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aGb-adminReform of pis slaughterhouse WWTP of 500 m3/day