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Technical Conference held to mark the 20th Anniversary of Aguambiente

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Under the title ?rban Wastewater Treatment and Purification Aguambiente held on Thursday 11th November 2010, a Technical Conference day included in the acts that Aguambiente developed this year on the occasion of its 20th anniversary as Vallisoletana Company Specialist in Purification and Treatment Water.

The event was held at the Hotel Vincci Frontaura of Valladolid, Aguambiente counted among its many participants to this conference with staff from the Junta de Castilla y León, belonging to the Department of Environmental Infrastructure (Somacyl), teachers and other technical and professional?s privates companies engaged in the wastewater treatment and purification sector.

D. Santiago Salcedo, Aguambiente Managing Director, opened the conferences day developed the company’s trajectory over the 20 years. It referred to the key moments Aguambiente, among which are the Award of Entrepreneur of the Year in 2004, the various extensions, thanks to its growth and specifically the last extension in 2009 inaugurated by Ms Maria Jesus Ruiz Ruiz, Vice President First and Councillor of Environment of the Junta de Castilla y León. The company currently has over 90 employees, a turnover of 12,000,000EUR and more than 300 installed turnkey projects nationally and internationally.

After this introduction, D. Santiago Salcedo Serra continued to present a technical presentation of the new product Aguambiente is commercialization the Compact Plants for Urban Wastewater Treatment a topical issue that is arousing great interest in the professional sector.

Other companies that participated in the conference were Toro Equipment, with two presentations ?Toro equipments for Wastewater Pretreatment, New HPS Screen and Dissolved Air Flotation equipments Toro. And Hanna Instruments with one presentation ?Instrumentation for control and analysis of urban wastewater.

Aguambiente like to thank all attendees for their presence and attention during the conference day and remind you not hesitate to contact us for questions regarding wastewater treatment and Purification or request information from the conference day.

Actually Aguambiente Company is developing new projects with companies of the group in order to close the water cycle. In particular Composting and Recovery project will be presented from 17th to 19th November 2010 in Orbit Congress (Valladolid), by Global Compost Company.

aGb-adminTechnical Conference held to mark the 20th Anniversary of Aguambiente

Aguambiente awarded the contract to supply and purification of Pesquera de Duero

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Public Corporation for the Environment (Somacyl) has awarded the construction of water infrastructure and water treatment supplies for the Pesquera de Duero town in Valladolid, these works have been awarded to Aguambiente for an amounting to 924,716.44 EUR.

The work, whose execution time is eight months, will provide the location of a water treatment plant capable of treating water to 50m3/hour improving capacity and quality of actually treatment, that would benefit 550 inhabitants.

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aGb-adminAguambiente awarded the contract to supply and purification of Pesquera de Duero