Turnkey projects

Civil work in the WWTP

At Aguambiente, we assume the responsibility for the design and implementation for the civil works required to carry out your Waste Water Treatment Plant (W.W.T.P.) project.

We would like to provide you with a comprehensive service, which covers from the initial designs to the firm implementation of the works, for this reason we have a department that is exclusively dedicated to this work.

Having our own Civil Works Department enables us to have more direct control over works execution deadlines, so that all subsequent jobs can be carried out on time. This facilitates with compliance with the works planning established prior to commencing the project.

Our professionals work with the obligatory safety measures, always complying with current legislation. The safety of our workers is a priority objective at Aguambiente.

cuadro Basic project.
cuadro Formalities with administrations.
cuadro Authorisation projects.
cuadro Geological surveys.
cuadro Thopographic surveys.
cuadro Calculation and design of all elements, detailed project.
cuadro Production of prefabricated tanks in post-stressed concrete and fibre glass.
cuadro Construction of buildings and auxiliary works.
cuadro Activity and environmental licences, etc.
cuadro Specific projects for electricity, gas and dangerous product storage.

Design and budget of wastewater treatment

Using the starting data, a team of specialist technicians carries out a study of the various treatment options, taking into account the specific requirements and needs of our customers and produces a full description of the entire process technical and economic proposal.

cuadro Plants with minimum costs for treatment.
cuadro Treatment occupying minimum space.
cuadro Complying with the strictest current standards and laws.
cuadro Treating waste water from the most complex industries.
cuadro Support and flexibility in project financing.
cuadro Relations with the administration that manages environmental dumping authorisations.

Wastewater treatment plant installation

Based on a detailed project, the entire installation is executed by installation specialists with more than enough experience.

Safety, efficiency and quality at work are the characteristics that describe a job well done.

A Works Manager is appointed for each project. Through this person, the customer has someone available with sufficient execution powers for dialogue and development of his ideas. In turn, this person responsible for progress coordinates all necessary means, internal and external, required to execute the project.

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