Arcoi & Aguambiente, Tank Cleaning specialists

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Since their inception until today, they have neraly half a hundred references in Tank Cleaning Areas

The Tank Cleaning sector opened their doors and, now,  they are leader companies. Currently, Aguambiente (Waste water treatment) and Arcoi (Washing Systems) have had a close partner relationship in this sector since 2000. They are involved in a lot of Tank Cleaning projects. Part of this succes is based on the ease to relate and comunicate themselves. This fact makes the work faster in all levels, with the subsequent economic effects. Aguambiente & Arcoi have strong specialists in Tank Cleaning Areas, where the washing system equipment projectand the waste water treatment used to be unique, specific and custom made.

What is the origin of Aguambiente?

Aguambiente was created in 1990. When we had finished Engineering Degree, we decided to set up a water treatment company. We were very interested in industrial stuff, chemistry and we loved the environment. In this way, we started with limited resources. In those times, customers were a little desperate because they had to respect regulations. And we guarantee to comply discharge limits. In this way, we started our first projects which later will be our investigation pilot plants.

In 1992, we enlarged our headquarters and started to design industrial waste water equipment. We were sure about our water treatment had to be placed in little room because the characteristics of Spanish industrial areas. In this way, we set up our first High Performance Dissolved Air Flotation (FADAR) machine in Firestone-Hispania (tire factory). It got a very high performance, it concentrated sludge in a very high dryness level. It was a success! Then, we were learning about different industries and process, developing pretreatment equipment, fat and oil separators, sludge treatment and preassembled solutions.

However, Aguambiente goes beyond water treatment plant installation…

Presently, we install WWTP but also we manage it, make the maintenance, we can outsource the whole process and re-study internal processes to re-use, to reduce energy cost, water cost… Optimization allow our customer earn money.

How does the idea of preassembled WWTP arise? What are their advantages?

In 2000 we began to “humanize” WWTP to make more simple work in them. This way of constructing compact plants allows us to reduce costs and to have portable equipment and storages that could be easily installed or dismantled and re-used. It is very simple to enlarge or reduce because they are modular and WWTP can be adapted to the customer needs. Actually, we have done projects all over the world. In fact, we can install and set up a WWTP -definitive or rental- in less than a week.

What are the challenges ahead in Aguambiente?

Debugging flags will be more strict in the future. Nowadays, we know how to use energy from waste water. We know recover energy from waste and reduce them to the minimum to compost or landfill them. This will be the challenge: projects optimization. To reduce energy cost, reduce waste, reduce water cost, and reduce operation cost. And taxes and canons are each time higher, it could be our engine to optimize. With this high taxes we can make affordable and efficient waste water treatment.

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New water courses in Valladolid

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Aguambiente wants to invite you to watch this report about water management in Valladolid. It was made by Daniel García, Tamara Armijo and Sonsoles Rivera (Degree in Journalism) and Andrea Frizza (Degree in Political Science) everyone students at University of Valladolid. This report has been made with collaboration of Analytical Chemistry Department at University of Valladolid, Confederación Hidrográfica del Duero, Aquavall, Aguambiente, Association Legado Expo Zaragoza and Valladolid Neighbors.

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