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The graduates from UVA leave 380 work practices vacancies

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Engineering, Telecommunications and IT add up to more than 200 vacancies in relevant positions

Aguambiente, one of the Industrial Engineering companies mentioned along with Aciturri Composites, Aquomna, Cognizant, Antolín Group, Renault, Entrepinares … where there are more than one hundred unoccupied practice positions.

Between January and September 2017, 380 positions in practices have become vacant.

On one side, recent graduates who will seek employment in the short term. On the other hand, the companies that demand people in practices with the intention, in a 70% of the cases, of hiring at the end of the period.

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Teresa San JoseThe graduates from UVA leave 380 work practices vacancies

New water courses in Valladolid

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Aguambiente wants to invite you to watch this report about water management in Valladolid. It was made by Daniel García, Tamara Armijo and Sonsoles Rivera (Degree in Journalism) and Andrea Frizza (Degree in Political Science) everyone students at University of Valladolid. This report has been made with collaboration of Analytical Chemistry Department at University of Valladolid, Confederación Hidrográfica del Duero, Aquavall, Aguambiente, Association Legado Expo Zaragoza and Valladolid Neighbors.

Click here to access to report

Teresa San JoseNew water courses in Valladolid

Aguambiente develop new materials on NUMASTA project

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Aguambiente is developing new materials in NUMASTA project in collaboration with Indemat, CARTIF y la UVa

Aguambiente is working on a new project which is going to develop new materials for water treatment. Under the name of NUMASTA, Aguambiente and Indemat collaborate with Technology Center CARTIF and University of Valladolid.

Aguambiente and Indemat are always innovating and opening up to new markets. At this time, the goal is to develop new materials which improve the mechanical and thermal performance of the equipment used in industrial water treatment. These materials make equipment more environmental-friendly due to their higher durability, their lower weight, the less use of raw materials and the incorporation of waste from production processes in the formulation of materials.

NUMASTA has been funded with 458,844.83 € (71% of the approved budget) from the European Regional Development Fund through the Program RETOS COLABORACIÓN 2016 of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness whose thematic objective is “Promoting technological development, Innovation and quality research”.

The target of NUMASTA is in accordance with the goals planned for Horizon 2020 within the Social Challenge 5 on climate change and the efficiency of resources and raw materials. The aim is to increase the application of R & D in industrial processes and in the development of cleaner products, to reduce energy consumption and emissions to the atmosphere, water and soil.


aGb-adminAguambiente develop new materials on NUMASTA project