WWTP and DWTP Maintenance and operation

Our Maintenance Department provides you with the possibility of formalising annual visits by our specialist technicians to you treatment plant in order to ensure its perfect operation.

Maintenance assistance can be performed via various means:

cuadro Analyses and reports for the various administrations.
cuadro Online assistance service
cuadro Maintenance and programming support services for PLCs and SCADAs via remote access.
cuadro Basic preventive and corrective maintenance, by means of visits by specialist maintenance technicians.
cuadro Route programming.
cuadro Customer operator training.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation

Operation is another service that Aguambiente places at the disposition of any customer that is interested in delegating the direct management of the WWTP.

These services cover everything involved in plant operation, up to the limit decided by the customer.

cuadro Direct operation of the plant WWTP, taking on the various levels in its management. Up to total responsibility for it.
cuadro Direct assistance personnel from Aguambiente.
cuadro Management of consumables WWTP and/or waste extraction.
cuadro Spare parts management.
cuadro Incident and fault management.
cuadro Analyses and reports for the various administrations.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operation

Aguambiente will carry out the commissioning of your W.W.T.P. during the days following project completion.

Once all the equipment is installed, our specialist technical commissioning team will come to the plant to start up the entire plant and verify that all elements are operating correctly.

This is also when all adjustments and corrections required throughout the equipment will be performed so that the result of the waste-water treatment is that expected.

During the commissioning period, the technical team will provide training courses for the personnel who will be carrying out plant maintenance tasks.

When the training process would have been completed, maintenance manuals will be provided to allow plant maintenance and conservation correct development.

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