Pilot plants and Test

Rental waste water treatment plant

Is water treatment necessary in your industry?
Have you any doubts about the exit parameters that would be obtained if the water from your industry were to be treated?

Aguambiente provides the possibility to LEASE a pilot plant during a determined time so that you can check the results for yourself.

Some of these pilot plants operate on a significant scale and can be leased to resolve sporadic problems until definitive solutions are put in place.

Pilot plant and jartesting

Pilot plants permit modification of existing plants or to investigate specific solutions.

The design parameters for the most complex of plants can be extrapolated, all backed up by a laboratory that is specialised in industrial waste water. These will produce biokinetic parameters, load constants, elimination coefficients, consumption ratios and operating costs, which can be extrapolated to a real scale..

Pilot plants are available for:

cuadro Pre-treatment.
cuadro Physical-chemical dissolved air flotation treatments.
cuadro Biological treatments:
-Submerged biological filters.
-Various aerobic and anaerobic biological processes.
-Tertiary fine-tuning treatments (filtration, tangential filtration and MBR).
cuadro Sludge dehydration.

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