Aguambiente completes the installation and commissioning of a WWTP in an oil industry factory 250 m3 /day

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Aguambiente completes the installation and commissioning of a WWTP

The Wastewater treatment plant consists of a W-Tank® homogenization tank from which the water is pumped to a physical-chemical treatment by dissolved air flotation technology.

The dissolves air flotation unit has capacity of 30 m3 / h. The performance of this Anaconda® dissolved air flotation system is 93%.

The sludge generated in this treatment stage is stored in a W-Tank® sludge tank for deshydratio by centrifuge.

After the start up of the treatment plant, Aguambiente’s maintenance team offers training sessions to the customer on “best practices for the operation of the WWTP”. The training is aimed at the personnel who will operate the plant in order to maximize performance and help reduce operating costs.

A wastewater treatment plant is as efficient as its operators.

aGb-adminAguambiente completes the installation and commissioning of a WWTP in an oil industry factory 250 m3 /day

World Water Day 2018: Nature-based solutions for water

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Every year, we celebrate the World Water Day on 22nd of March to focus on the importance of water as a fundamental component in sustainable development

“The answer is in nature” is the theme chosen for this year. How nature can help us overcome the rising challenges of XXI century. In previous years, themes were related to waste water (2017), employment (2016), sustainable development (2015) or energy (2014). However, in this edition it needs to raise awareness in order to take care of the ecosystems and the nature and how it can create synergies to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals of 2030.

This way, there are many aspects of sustainable development which can be improved by the union of nature and water: from ensuring food security and reducing disaster risk to building sustainable urban settlements and boosting decent work. Nevertheless, there is still a lot to do. In 21st century, more than 2 billion people lack access to safe drinking water and more than the double of that number lack access to safe sanitation

In addition, the demand for potable water is expected to increase more than 30% in 2050. Accelerated consumption patterns, environmental degradation and climate change reveal the need of a mentality change that involves all figures in the society.

The demographic growth that the planet is suffering is also reflected in world water demand’s increase. Both industrial and domestic demand have experienced an increase linked mainly to the growth of emerging countries. And this trend will continue raising at the same rate of their population growth and economic development.

At the same time, climate change is exacerbating environmental conditions in different climates. Drier regions will become more and more arid and wet regions also will turn into more wet places.

Nowadays, 1800 million people live in areas affected by desertification and it is expected that this phenomen will cause more than 135 millions of migrations. Current trend of inundations will continue growing too. Around 1200 million people who live in risk flood areas will become more than 1800 millions in next 30 years.

Fortunately, the attention given to Nature-based solutions has increased for last years. The introduction on these natural solutions in the field of legislation -specially in water resources-, food safety, agriculture, biodiversity, natural disaster risk reduction… has collaborated to be recognized from many sector. Goals the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development can lead the way to revers the current trend.

You can download here the United Nations World Water Development Report 2018.

aGb-adminWorld Water Day 2018: Nature-based solutions for water

The graduates from UVA leave 380 work practices vacancies

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Engineering, Telecommunications and IT add up to more than 200 vacancies in relevant positions

Aguambiente, one of the Industrial Engineering companies mentioned along with Aciturri Composites, Aquomna, Cognizant, Antolín Group, Renault, Entrepinares … where there are more than one hundred unoccupied practice positions.

Between January and September 2017, 380 positions in practices have become vacant.

On one side, recent graduates who will seek employment in the short term. On the other hand, the companies that demand people in practices with the intention, in a 70% of the cases, of hiring at the end of the period.

<El Norte de Castilla>

aGb-adminThe graduates from UVA leave 380 work practices vacancies

Interview with Eduardo Terceño, Aguambiente Technical Engineer

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The interview has been published in EnviroPres, quarterly environmental issue of Interempresas

The interview gives some keys to understand the rise of preassembled solutions in water treatment sector: terms, space and money advantages; the reasons why enterprises hire these solutions and the way how Aguambiente and their costumers build a partnertship.

If you want to download the complete interview, click here. (Only Spanish).

If you prefer to read the complete issue, click here.

aGb-adminInterview with Eduardo Terceño, Aguambiente Technical Engineer

Montes Orozco inaugurates a new tank cleaning in Estarreja

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Montes Orozco Transport inaugurated a new tank cleaning and WWTP made by Aguambiente and Arcoi

Montes Orozco inaugurated its new tank cleaning and WWTP this Friday, the 13th of October. Different personalities of the Portuguese and Spanish industry, between which there were Aguambiente, specialists in industrial water treatment and Arcoi, Washing Systems, attended the inauguration.

This new tank cleaning is placed in Quimiparque Business Park in Estarreja (Portugal). The tank cleaning and the corresponding WWTP have been made by Arcoi and Aguambiente by their combined proposal to provide customized full solutions to tank cleaning and treatment of resultant water.

Montes Orozco

Montes Orozco appeared in 1994 by Mr. Ricardo Montes. Firstly, it transported dangerous goods, specially the eighth class (corrosive substances). Then the business expanded to powdery products and general shit containers. Nowadays, it transports all types of shit and its field of influence spreads along the whole Iberian Peninsula with important synergies in the northwest.

Tank cleaning and WWTP

The Monoblock System installed by Arcoi was presented in June in the National Congress of Tank Transport of Madrid, in addition, it has also a Modular System with Rotary Compresses -if you wish, you can extend information in

The WWTP installed by Aguambiente, who also is responsible for maintenance and set-up, has a pretreatment system to remove big size solids. Then, the effluent is equalized in a modular fiberglass storage tank (11m diameter and 4 m high) to guarantee the efficacy and control of the treatment process. After, a physico-chemical treatment with Dissolved Air Flotation reduce the load to the permissible levels. Lastly, sludge is storaged in a tank to manage it. More information in


The inauguration has been presided by Managers Mr. Ricardo Montes and Mr. Juan Montes; Mr Borja González, Consulting Engineer and Mr. Eurico Barreto responsible of Montes Orozco Portugal. After the catering and the inaugural speech they did a guided tour to explain process and technologies used.

aGb-adminMontes Orozco inaugurates a new tank cleaning in Estarreja

Thank all the visitors in Canagua & Energía

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Aguambiente wants to thank all visitors in Canagua & Energía

The last edition of Canagua & Energía International Fair has been closed on Sunday the 8th of October. In Aguambiente we want to express thanks all the people for employ their time on visiting our stand in pavilion 6.

In the same way, we want to show gratitude sponsors and promoters (Infecar, Cabildo de Gran Canaria, Consejo Insular de Aguas de Gran Canaria, Consejo Insular Energía) for their good work, willingness and availability to everything worked out right.

Thank you!!

aGb-adminThank all the visitors in Canagua & Energía

Aguambiente will be in Canagua & Energía 2017

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The 11th edition of Canagua will count on with the presence of Aguambiente who will take part as an exhibitor and as a speaker with an exposition about water treatment case study

Aguambiente will travel to Canary Islands to participate in the eleventh edition of International Fair Canagua y Energía which tries to make the island group into a clean energy worldwide model.

This Canagua edition deals with isolated environments mainly characterized by their lack of interconnection with other electrical systems of nearby territories. Canary Islands can be an experienced example for this places. Island Chain geographical particularities turn it into a perfect archetype to show small-and-medium-scale solutions in energy field and specially in water treatment sector.

Aguambiente, the water treatment company specialized in customized solutions to industrial and urban wastewater, can contribute something interesting with its experience. Convinced that its know-how in this concrete area can be really enriching for the assistants, it takes part as an exhibitor and as a speaker with a presentation of two study cases.

One of them concerns urban waste water treatment and the other one deals with industrial waste water treatment. These models can be exportable and sure will suppose a satisfactory experience for all the assistants interested in water treatment and energetic saving in zones with a certain physical, geographical and logistical particularities.

The eleventh edition of Canagua & Energía Fair will be place from 5th to 8th October in Canary Islands Trade Fair Institution (INFECAR). The two first days -Thursday the 5th and Friday the 6th – the entrance will be reserved and free to registered professionals –sign up here-. However, the entrance to general public will be available on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th and it will cost 3.50€.

We’re looking forward to you!!

aGb-adminAguambiente will be in Canagua & Energía 2017

Aguambiente and purifying in Expoliva 2017

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Aguambiente´s presentation in Expoliva Symposium deals with oil presses wastewater purification

Aguambiente participated in the Expoliva XVIII Scientific-Technical Symposium with a presentation about problems on oil presses wastewater purification and solutions that Aguambiente provides to adapt effluent to the current regulations and efficient waste management.

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aGb-adminAguambiente and purifying in Expoliva 2017

Aguambiente is going to be in VI Tanker Transport Congress

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Our company who is specialized in wastewater purification is going to be present together with Arcoi Washing Systems at the VI edition of National Congress of Tanker Transport

Aguambiente is going to be together with Arcoi at the VI edition of this congress which is going to take place in Madrid on 27th and 28th of June. One more time, Arcoi, who is specialized in tanker washing systems, and Aguambiente, specialized in wastewater treatment, join forces to give solutions to tanker washing systems and provide turnkey agreements adjusted to customer needs.

The Congress is going to have a technical conference where issues related with merchandise transport in tankers are going to be discussed. The initiative emerges as a response to the sector´s needs to analyze concerns and perspectives in a specialized framework.

CETM Tankers (Merchandise Transport Spanish Confederation) expects that more than 300 professionals in this sector will assist. As in previous editions, it is going to have vehicles, equipment, services and components exhibitions. The proposal of Aguambiente and Arcoi is focused on global solutions which are adapted to customer needs to tankers full washing and the treatment of wastewater.

aGb-adminAguambiente is going to be in VI Tanker Transport Congress

Hurricane Matthew: We need your help

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As a collaboration company of the Multiplica program of UNICEF, Aguambiente wants to contribute to spreading the message: We need your help for children affected by Hurricane Matthew in Haiti.

The most urgent needs are the provision of clean water and adequate sanitation to prevent outbreaks of waterborne diseases such as cholera; guarantee health care and treatment of children with malnutrition; implement temporary learning spaces for children to return to school as soon as possible; and protect children from all forms of violence.

aGb-adminHurricane Matthew: We need your help