Aguambiente is going to be in VI Tanker Transport Congress

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Our company who is specialized in wastewater purification is going to be present together with Arcoi Washing Systems at the VI edition of National Congress of Tanker Transport

Aguambiente is going to be together with Arcoi at the VI edition of this congress which is going to take place in Madrid on 27th and 28th of June. One more time, Arcoi, who is specialized in tanker washing systems, and Aguambiente, specialized in wastewater treatment, join forces to give solutions to tanker washing systems and provide turnkey agreements adjusted to customer needs.

The Congress is going to have a technical conference where issues related with merchandise transport in tankers are going to be discussed. The initiative emerges as a response to the sector´s needs to analyze concerns and perspectives in a specialized framework.

CETM Tankers (Merchandise Transport Spanish Confederation) expects that more than 300 professionals in this sector will assist. As in previous editions, it is going to have vehicles, equipment, services and components exhibitions. The proposal of Aguambiente and Arcoi is focused on global solutions which are adapted to customer needs to tankers full washing and the treatment of wastewater.

aGb-adminAguambiente is going to be in VI Tanker Transport Congress

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