Aguambiente will be in Canagua & Energía 2017

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The 11th edition of Canagua will count on with the presence of Aguambiente who will take part as an exhibitor and as a speaker with an exposition about water treatment case study

Aguambiente will travel to Canary Islands to participate in the eleventh edition of International Fair Canagua y Energía which tries to make the island group into a clean energy worldwide model.

This Canagua edition deals with isolated environments mainly characterized by their lack of interconnection with other electrical systems of nearby territories. Canary Islands can be an experienced example for this places. Island Chain geographical particularities turn it into a perfect archetype to show small-and-medium-scale solutions in energy field and specially in water treatment sector.

Aguambiente, the water treatment company specialized in customized solutions to industrial and urban wastewater, can contribute something interesting with its experience. Convinced that its know-how in this concrete area can be really enriching for the assistants, it takes part as an exhibitor and as a speaker with a presentation of two study cases.

One of them concerns urban waste water treatment and the other one deals with industrial waste water treatment. These models can be exportable and sure will suppose a satisfactory experience for all the assistants interested in water treatment and energetic saving in zones with a certain physical, geographical and logistical particularities.

The eleventh edition of Canagua & Energía Fair will be place from 5th to 8th October in Canary Islands Trade Fair Institution (INFECAR). The two first days -Thursday the 5th and Friday the 6th – the entrance will be reserved and free to registered professionals –sign up here-. However, the entrance to general public will be available on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th and it will cost 3.50€.

We’re looking forward to you!!

Teresa San JoseAguambiente will be in Canagua & Energía 2017

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