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World Water Day, 22 March

on 18/03/2016 Comments Off on World Water Day, 22 March

Water and jobs is the theme that United Nations established this year to mark World Water Day. Water means jobs; better water, better jobs

The water, along with sanitation is an essential human right for the entire world population so we are all responsible and it is our duty to add for that access to this resource reaches all alike.

From Aguambiente we want to convey the importance of this common resource, to prevent bad habits of use subtract on access to this right. Raising public awareness to minimize the expense of water and do away with unnecessary waste; reuse water in daily activities, achieving overall savings; purify water, to maintain the environment and contribute to the water cycle. These are just some of the tasks pending in the day.

Good habits in this are those who in the future will to endure this essential right.

Aguambiente is a company committed to the environment, develops and implements systems and processes for responsible industrial wastewater treatment.

Join the 2016 campaign campaign to get informed, engaged and take action. You can also contribute on social media by using the hashtags #WaterIsWork and #WorldWaterDay.

aGb-adminWorld Water Day, 22 March